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S. R. Hollands

Author Name: S.R. Hollands
Best Known Work: A Faerie’s Tale
Where Can You Find Him: Facebook, Amazon
Top Tip for Writers: Just keep writing.  Get it written down and worry about the content afterwards.  Edit it as much as possible and get some feedback from other people.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us!

When and why did you begin writing? 

I began writing in the early nineties – I suddenly felt the need. I started out trying to write a historical novel set in early Roman Britain, based on real events. Looking back at it now, it was rubbish! Just as well I never finished it… I also entered a few competitions and had some good successes, so I carried on writing – mainly for my own pleasure. 

When did you realise that you were Pagan? 

I think I first realised I was pagan back in the mid-eighties when I read Marion Bradley’s The Mists Of Avalon. That book just seemed to resonate with me… 

How did the topic of your book come to you? 

I have always loved the concept of faeries. A voice at the back of my head kept on telling me to write a modern day faerie tale and so I eventually gave in to it. When I started, the only idea I had was of a young, fae woman trapped in the modern human world and unable to return home unassisted. 

Tell us a bit about your story, key characters and plot. 

The story is about a young Fae woman called Willow. She is thrown out of the Fae world of Eyedore by her uncle Flint, and is found by a group of modern day teenagers. They look after her, and eventually assist Willow in getting home and reclaiming her stolen heritage from her uncle. Willow’s uncle Flint is a dark magician and wants to use his magical skills to take over the family wealth and lands. Book II will be a prequel to book I, and will answer some questions as to why Flint is so twisted and it will hint at some of the mysterious links between Willow and other characters. The final book completes the story and ties up all the loose ends. 

Do you plan your stories before you begin? 
No. I usually start with a basic idea and see what comes out.

How long does it take you to write a book, are you a fast writer or a slow writer? 

My first book took me three years to write. Book II is now at the editing stage and is so far, two years in. I also have book three completed in the first draft. I only write in my spare time so it’s a slow process.

Who encourages/inspires you? 

Reading other fantasy books always helps. I also use music to set my mood and give me ideas. One of my main inspirational people is American violinist Lindsey Stirling. I have been following her music since 2013 and have watched her career really take off. It has all been her own hard work as the music industry never took her seriously. She is a very motivational person and regularly encourages people to ‘follow their dream’ It worked for her and so whenever I feel like giving up, I always remember Lindsey and her musical journey. I owe her big time. 

What, or who, do you enjoy reading? 

I love reading books by Robin Hobb, Terry Goodkind, and Peter James. Robin and Terry are just amazing fantasy authors and the worlds they create are really believable. I love the crime books of Peter James because the plots are always full of twists and turns and pretty unpredictable.

Where do you go to recharge? 

For me, the best place to recharge is in the woods. I love being amongst the trees and taking in the woodland smells. I always find woodland calming – and who knows? I might even meet a faerie.

If you could pick one book you wish you had written, what would it be?

The Mists Of Avalon by Marion Bradley.

Is this your first published piece or have you had work published before? 

A Faerie’s Tale is my first published piece, but I am now working on books II & III of the trilogy. I’m hoping to publish book II later this year. 

Are you published or self-published, and what has been your experience of this process? 

I am self-published. I used Amazon’s CreateSpace and Kindle platforms and it seems to have worked for me. I just need to reach a wider audience now.

What are your future plans for writing? 

To complete books II & III of The Eyedore Trilogy and then work on a book of short stories based around witches, faeries, ghosts etc.


Thank you again for sharing your passion and process! We wish you all the best with this novel, and the rest of the trilogy!

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