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Carolyn Balbi

Author Name: Carolyn Balbi
Best Known WorkPsychic Witch
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Top Writing Tip: The only tip I can offer is this – do not force yourself to write.  I know a lot of authors say the opposite, that you should try to write every day.  But, if I’m not feeling it – I don’t do it.  The work is compromised.  When I feel it and I am in the mood to get in that space, ready to work and lay down those words…they flow and I won’t stop.  That’s when inspiration takes over and what you write is so on point; it’s beautiful!

Hi Carolyn, thank you for taking the time to talk with us!

When and why did you begin writing? 

I began writing at a young age.  I have journals that span from age 7 to now.  I have always loved writing short stories and poetry.  Words seduce me.

When did you realize you were Pagan? 

I realized I was Pagan at age 18, but I’ve always felt witchy.  Out of all of my siblings, I am the only one who never received communion or confirmation.  In fact, the religion teacher basically told my Mother that I was a disruption in class because I, “asked too many questions.”  As a child, I played mostly in nature and mainly alone, I was a bit of an introvert and liked being alone in the quiet.  I enjoyed watching my father work in the garden and I would gather herbs, put them in small jars and pour olive oil on top.  I saw the magick in everything, anything that seemed mundane in the world can and would be magick. To me this was real, not just imagination; fairies, unicorns, elves, witches, trees that spoke to me and being psychic opened me up to so much more, that it only sparked my curiosity. Looking back, I think I have always been a witch in many lifetimes.  I had met my first witch at 18 and she brought me to my first coven meeting – it was there that I knew I was home.

What are your main life experiences that have led to this book? 

I was born and raised on LI, New York and came from a large family of seven.  I had a wonderful childhood – I was very lucky.  I come from a long line of psychics and witches, on both sides of the family; you can read about that in more detail in my book!  My father was raised Catholic but my mother was the spiritualist, so it was all very hush hush.  When my mom passed, I vowed I would write a book about our abilities and our connection to witchcraft.  I wasn’t in the broom closet about it, but my mother was and I just felt pulled to share my experiences regarding my psychic ability and my devotion to witchcraft.  It has truly shaped who I am today.

Is this your first published piece, or have you had work published before? 

This is my first published piece, but I working on my second now.

Are you published or self-published, and what has been your experience with the process? 

I am self-published.  Came very close to being published with Llewellyn but it never manifested.  It didn’t deter me from publishing because I knew I had to, regardless if it was successful or not.  I am proud to say that it is doing well and continues to sell.

Tell us a bit about your story. 

My book discusses my life as a child psychic and how I dealt with it, good and bad.  It also discusses how I got into witchcraft while guiding the reader on how to unlock their own psychic ability while using witchcraft.  It has lesson plans to follow within each chapter, spell work, what steps are needed to find balance in one’s spiritual path and my own personal stories regarding angels, ghosts, spirit and my spiritual gifts.

How did this topic come to you? 

Since I was a child, I was psychic and my earliest memory of my ability was age 2!  Witchcraft helped me to understand my abilities more and even amplified them.  Putting my own experiences, but adding lessons within the book for others to learn while integrating the craft, seemed like a great topic.

Do we see some of you in your book?
Oh absolutely!  Perhaps too much.  It is very personal and holds a special place in my heart.  There are a lot of experiences based on the earlier part of my life, up until I left NY to come to FL.  I wrote it in my mid-thirties and I am now 45.  By the next book, I will have garnered more experiences and new material to write!

Do you suffer from writer’s block and, if so, how do you overcome it?
When I suffer from writer’s block, I do anything else that is creative to get the juices flowing.  I’m also an artist – so I will do artwork, or crafting.  I used to make gemstone jewelry and still do sometimes.  But, once I get creative with anything, I bring myself back to my computer and try again!  It always works for me.

Who encourages/inspires you? 
In all honesty, I kind of carve my own path.  My biggest inspiration is my son though.  He encourages me to be the best and try in all that I do.

Where do you go when you need to recharge?
Nature and anywhere there is silence.  I need to ground usually, but all the elements in nature balance me. Earth, Air, Fire, Water.  So, for Earth – you may find me in my garden, for Air - standing outside on a cliff by the sea, Fire – sitting at a fire pit on the beach staring at the flames, Water – the beach or maybe just soaking in the tub.  

What or who do you enjoy reading?
I have my own metaphysical library so some of the greats are among my collection.  Books on esoteric knowledge, spell work, divination tools, chakras, auras, Native American, Kabbalah, crystals, herbs, oils, candle magick, magick in general, psychic work, etc.  There’s a list and I can’t really say I have a favorite author.  They are all wonderful.  My two favorite books are Reflections on the Art of Living, by Joseph Campbell and as far as fiction, The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley.  My favorite pagan work is The Spiral Dance by Starhawk.

If you could pick one book you wished you had written, what would it have been?
I would have written Mists of Avalon,  that was on the NY Times best sellers list for months!

What are your future plans for writing? 
I’m working on my second book now and it’s going very well.  My goal is to get at least 1 bestseller!  Either way, I’ll keep writing.  We need more metaphysical writers out there, so when I see new writers cropping up – it makes me happy!  It’s the same thrill I get when a witchy shop opens up.  We need to keep moving forward. 


Thank you, Carolyn, for giving us a glimpse into your passion and your experience! We wish you the best of luck with this book and your future work!

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