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Jamie White

Author: Jamie White
Best known works:
Stains on the Soul

Where you can find her: Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube
Top writing tip: Read as much as you can on writing, but don’t take it all too seriously. Try the advice on for size and if it doesn’t work, discard it.

Hi Jamie, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. It's great to welcome you to the blog.

Let's kick off with that makes you tick?

I’m a music addict, photo geek, pet servant and paranormal junkie who started out as a blogger and freelance writer. I was also a journalism student and am a level one Reiki practitioner.
Does Paganism play a part in all that?

I don’t know if I would exactly call myself a pagan, per se. I take bits and pieces from different faiths that feel right and put it all together. I first started that journal in High School after reading Christopher Pike’s Remember Me. So many things in there resonated with me and started me on a search.

So how did you get into writing? 

I would do poems and lyrics here and there and had a few short stories done, but I didn’t really start writing regularly and seriously until 2010. I started because my husband is a writer and he talked me into going to a writing group meeting at the local library. I agreed and it kind of snowballed from there.

Are you published or self published?

I’m both. I self-pubbed my first book through Create Space and recently released Stains on the Soul through Pagan Writers Press. It’s been an amazing process and I’ve learned so much from the other writers in the indie community as well as the PWP group. They are so supportive and helpful.
So you've published before?

Stains is my third published work. I also put a short story out in the Lyrical Muse Anthology this past August.

How did the idea for Stains come to you? 

The idea for Stains started with a dream involving magic and witches. While I have yet to write that story, it inspired an image of a girl burning as a witch that became the beginning of this book. My interest in past lives, meditation, and crystals fuelled the story as well.
Are dreams important to your creative process?

I have definitely gotten a bunch of story ideas from dreams.

Do you plan your stories before you begin? 

I like to have an idea of what the story will be about before I start, but I wing most of it.

Who provides encouragement and inspiration for your writing? 

My husband, CP Bialois, is a huge source of encouragement and inspiration. He pushes me to keep writing and when I’m stuck we often discuss ideas. 

Michelle Cornwell-Jordan of Indie Review Behind the Scenes has also pushed me as a writer by demanding more stories. I also have to shout out to Angie of Pagan Writers Press for doing the ThreeBooksInThreeMonths challenge and Divine Writer, because it’s been a huge source of inspiration and has pushed me to write more.

Do you get much support from your online base?

The followers on my networks and sites are some of the most amazing people. They’re supportive and always bring a smile to my face.

Would you say that you're quite a social writer?

I definitely socialize in person and online. I love getting to know other writers, and I think they form such an important support system.

Can you tell us what Stains is all about?

Stains is a New Adult paranormal story about a girl named Fiona. She’s being haunted by horrible nightmares she can’t shake that just may be a warning about this new guy she met. It delves into how much events from the past can affect a person and the importance of listening to your dreams and following your inner voice.

Do we see some of you in your book? 

Yeah, there are definitely bits of me in there, along with other people I know.

What are your future plans for writing? 

I have another holiday-themed work coming out soon and am working on several WIPs.


Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, Jamie. We wish you every success with your works in progress.

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